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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

In the past, the general populace has been thankful for dental hygienic technology that could keep their teeth a little cleaner and repel decay a little longer. However, dentistry has come a long way since then, and people are now able to receive not only dental treatments that repair the essential function of their teeth, but also restore the natural beauty of their teeth. The products used to produce the tooth colored restoration accomplish both.

Today, fillings are able to conceal visual evidence of cavities. The introduction and improvement of bonded tooth colored resin fillings has resulted in a product strong and stylish enough for teeth in the front areas of the mouth. While people have benefited from the traditional amalgam fillings, many have always felt self-conscious about the blackish silver metal that leaves a dark feature in the back of their mouths and which is often visible while talking or laughing. Therefore, tooth colored resign fillings afford a preferable alternative to many individuals. Village Dental offers this durable and indiscernible type of tooth restoration.

The Science of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored resin fillings, also called composite fillings, are made of ceramic and plastic compounds. Since scientific studies and clinical experience confirmed that these materials bonded to the teeth were safe and predictable for dental use decades ago, tooth colored fillings have been used to repair damage in teeth. However, they were originally unable to endure the constant chewing and grinding of the back teeth, so they were reserved for front teeth only. Yet in recent years, improvements in durability, strength, malleability, coloration, and appearance have enabled tooth colored fillings to be adhered to back teeth as well. Now, tooth colored fillings have many practical applications, as they can:

    • Fix decay
    • Close gaps between teeth
    • Repair chips in teeth
    • Change the size, color, and shape of teeth
    • Make teeth appear more straight
    • Replace silver fillings for a more natural look
    • Rebuild worn tooth structure
    • Splint loose teeth

As tooth colored fillings actually bond to the remaining tooth structure, they are harder and longer lasting than ever, with small fillings staying fixed for a lifetime, and larger fillings maintaining functionality for many years.

The Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

As evidence of technological progress, tooth colored fillings are an advancement in the dental industry that have steadily been gaining popularity over the years as dentists and patients have continued to discover their many advantages. The advantages of tooth colored fillings include:

    • Appearance: Tooth colored fillings come in a variety of shades of white that can very closely match the natural color of real teeth.
    • Feel: Tooth colored fillings should feel smooth and comfortable as soon as the procedure is completed, which means they feel just like natural teeth. With the look and feel of real teeth, tooth colored fillings are virtually undetectable.
    • Bonding: With their ability to bond chemically to the structure of the tooth, tooth colored fillings eliminate the need for slots, pins, and grooves placed within the tooth in order to stabilize them.
    •  Strength: The bond that tooth colored fillings create with the tooth reinforces the tooth by returning 85%-95% of its former strength.
    • Size: Due to the fact that tooth colored fillings bond directly to the tooth, they can be placed exactly where the problem lies, and therefore, can keep their size to a minimum.
    • Time: Teeth containing tooth colored fillings can get back to work within the mouth immediately following the filling procedure because they completely harden within seconds, as opposed to some other filling materials.
    • Thermal Sensitivity: The plastic base of tooth colored fillings leaves them less conductive of thermal energy, which means that sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages is greatly diminished or only temporary.
    • Repairs: The composite material of tooth colored fillings makes them easy to repair, as in the case of a defect in the existing filling, newly added composite material will bond with both the tooth and the existing filling without having to construct a new filling altogether.

Our Village Dental Care Approach to Tooth Colored Fillings

After undergoing decades of upgrades and adjustments, many different tooth colored filling resin materials are available to enable dentists to choose the type that is most appropriate for a tooth’s location and appearance. At Village Dental, our dentists conduct a detailed assessment of our patient’s health needs, dental history, and oral conditions in order to suggest and supply the tooth colored filling that is best for them. As we strategize the best solution for our patients, we are sure to keep our patients fully informed by describing all of the possible products. Our Village Dental care approach strives to restore our patients’ confidence in their smiles and give them the most beautiful and natural look. We have years of experience working with tooth colored fillings and believe in their benefits, so we are well prepared to provide the tooth colored fillings that meet our patients’ dental needs.