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Cemented Bridge Work

Cemented Bridgework

Bridgework is a feature of modern technology that enables individuals to replace one tooth or many teeth when they have experienced an unfortunate loss of teeth. Bridgework is a classic resource of restorative dentistry and a great convenience for Village Dental patients. As opposed to a removable partial denture, cemented bridgework becomes a permanent part of the mouth, and therefore, it is also sometimes called a fixed partial denture. Dentists have used cemented bridgework for years now, but time and technology have produced many improvements, so there are now several different types of cemented bridges available to Village Dental patients.

Need For Cemented Bridgework

Cemented bridgework is used to restore a mouth with a missing tooth or missing teeth. In order to remedy the problem of missing teeth, several prosthetic options are available to dentists, but in certain situations, cemented bridgework is the best possible option for select individuals. If a dental implant cannot be inserted, or if the implant would not provide the desired cosmetic effect, cemented bridgework is the appropriate alternative that can solve the problem. Cemented bridgework consists of crowns that are attached to the patient’s remaining teeth on either side of the empty space with a pontic, or false tooth, between the crowns. The pontic fills in the space of the missing tooth and returns function to the gap in the mouth. When a patient is missing a number of teeth, several pontics in a row may be attached to the crowns, and the crowns and pontics are cemented or bonded to the adjacent natural teeth.

Advantages of Cemented Bridgework

The advantages of cemented bridgework are numerous, as cemented bridgework can:

    • Reestablish the natural function of the mouth: cemented bridgework will enable patients to eat and chew normally again and will not move in the process.
    • Protect the alignment of the remaining teeth: cemented bridgework will help keep the remaining natural teeth in line by preventing them from drifting out of position.
    • Ensure a proper bite: cemented bridgework brings support back to the space of the missing teeth and thereby enables individuals to more healthily distribute the force of their bite.
    • Preserve the shape of the face: cemented bridgework helps retain the line of the cheek, the level of the jaw, and the curve of the lips by filling in the hollow.
    • Redefine the voice: cemented bridgework empowers people to speak accurately again by correcting the relationship of the teeth.
    • Reinstitute a stunning smile: cemented bridgework revitalizes the smiles of individuals by giving them the confidence to share their grin again.

Our Village Dental Care Approach to Cemented Bridgework

At Village Dental we provide our patients with the most natural and complete restoration of the function of their mouths and the beauty of their smiles. We can equip our patients with cemented bridgework in as few as two visits, with the first appointment being dedicated to preparation and the second appointment being dedicated to the insertion of the permanent bridge. When the placement of the cemented bridgework is finished, we thoroughly explain how to effectively clean and care for the bridgework. At every consecutive appointment, our dentists monitor the maintenance of the bridgework, specifically in order to ensure that it will last for many years, which is quite typical with good oral hygiene and regular checkups. With the Village Dental Care approach we make the bridge process as easy and effective as possible.