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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

At Village Dental, we know the importance of smiles. Smiles allow us to reveal many of our most enjoyable emotions and enhance our faces with a source of beauty and cheer. Smiling is a natural, universal human function, and pride in our own smiles is very important to our self-esteem. The condition of our teeth is one of the most important elements of our smiles, and therefore, ensuring that our teeth are as healthy and attractive as they can be is paramount to the confidence we have in our smiles. However, the condition of our teeth can be marred by unsightly dental problems, and when these problems arise, Village Dental can provide a way to restore the inherent value of smiles back to our patients. One of the ways in which we restore smiles is through the application of porcelain veneers.

Use of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, also called dental veneers and dental porcelain laminates, are extremely thin layers or shells of medical-grade porcelain that are bonded over existing teeth. After the existing teeth have been lightly buffed to allow for the added thickness of the veneers, tooth colored porcelain veneers are bonded to the teeth using cement. Once this painless, simple procedure is complete, the porcelain veneers will seamlessly conceal the existing teeth and remain strongly intact for many years. The primary purpose of porcelain veneers is to alter the color, shape, size, or length of the teeth. Porcelain veneers also solve a variety of dental problems such as:

    • Discolored teeth
    • Worn down teeth
    • Chipped or broken teeth
    • Gapped teeth
    • Irregularly shaped, uneven, or misaligned teeth
    • Enamel-thin teeth

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an effortless dental procedure that can provide patients with the most dazzling and ideally aligned smile of their dreams. These modern, undetectable dental solutions can erase all kinds of damage and leave mouths looking like the height of dental perfection. Some of the transformative advantages that porcelain veneers provide include:

    • Their natural appearance
    • Their suitability to the gum tissues
    • Their stain resistance
    • Their dramatic whitening power
    • Their instant improvements to teeth color and shape through lengthening, enlarging, and straightening
    • Their ability to renew old dental work

Our Village Dental Care Approach to Porcelain Veneers

Our priority at Village Dental is giving our patients back the pride they once had in their smiles. Through our Village Dental Care approach, we care deeply for all of the dental needs of our patients, and cosmetic issues are no exception. We are dedicated to employing the optimal dental treatment that will get our patients smiling again, and in many cases, porcelain veneers are that treatment. When determining the practicality for porcelain veneers, Village Dental makes every consideration about the pairing of our patients and our products, and we are always very informative about everything involved in our procedures. Village Dental has successfully applied hundreds of porcelain veneers and have seen firsthand the invigorating effect they can have on an individual. At Village Dental, we know that our patients deserve to smile, and that is why we gladly apply porcelain veneers.