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The Village Dental Care Approach: Dentures

The Village Dental Care approach for delivering top-quality services to clients in need of new dentures or denture repairs is designed to make the client our priority. We offer dental prosthetics services that can provide functional replacements for teeth and soft tissues that are missing from dental decay, dental trauma, destruction of connective tissue or undeveloped teeth to get your smile back to the way you want it.

These issues can be fixed with bridges and crowns, but we also offer dentures that can fix parts or all of your smile. At Village Dental, we also offer same-day denture repair services to correct any issues.

When considering dentures services, we offer partial and full dentures to our clients.

Partial Dentures

The Village Dental Care partial dentures are typically teeth attached to a plastic base that is a similar color as your gums. If you’d like to take them out, you don’t need help from dental professionals. Each person can remove it on their own and put them back in when needed. It might take some practice getting used to removing and inserting the partial dentures when you first start using them, but the patient will get used to it in a short amount of time.

It’s important that you follow all instructions from Village Dental after receiving partial dentures. This will help ease the process of getting used to them and make them a reliable asset for your future.

Full Dentures

The Village Dental Care full dentures are needed when all of the teeth in an arch are missing. Conventional dentures are removable, but there are other designs available that involve bonding and clasping onto teeth or dental implants. Full dentures can be snapped into the mouth with a few implants, but patients can still take them out for cleaning.

Once a client has their dentures, it’s important to remember that they should be brushed daily to remove food particles and plaque. It can also keep them from staining.

Dentures Services

Whether you’re interested in partial or full dentures, Village Dental is the perfect place to get the best and most qualified services. Contact us at any of our three locations in The Villages or send us a message from our website.